Privacy Policy

Personal Data

We don’t collect any personal data ourselves. Our web host Netlify collects: “Access logs including the IP addresses of [...] site visitors [visitors of You], stored for less than 30 days “. The content is hosted on AWS and they also log your IP address. This practice is absolutely necessary to operate such a service because it is a standard security practice for hosting providers. Without both of these this website would not be possible.

More Information:

What we did to improve your privacy does not use any free content delivery networks (CDNs) to load popular files such as Bootstrap or Jquery. As a result, your IP address is shared with no one other than Netlify and AWS(Amazon). Sadly, this comes at a slight loss of performance. does not use any intrusive and data hungry analytic tools such as Google Analytics. Instead, we use a AWS self hosted instance of matomo which, anonymises your ip address. The purpose of our web analytics is to identify popular projects and upate those more frequent and others lesser to optimize our limited computing resources.

Responsible for Data Protection

  • Konstantin Ketterer
  • Voelckerstraße 2, 77933 Lahr
  • Phone: 015906187755 (German number without the +49 country code)